Many thanks to all of our seedling customers!
We hope you have a good growing year!

Here at the farm: We have over 700 new seedlings in the ground and the fertilizing
is almost finished! As the weather warms, Integrated Pest Management (IPM),
deconing, mowing, and shearing will be our activities as we make our way through
the summer.

Call ahead if you would like to schedule a tour of the farm during the growing season!
We are happy to accommodate you if we can!

See you in November!

All the Best,

Katherine and Jerrianne

Panoramic view of choose & cut lots

Katherine JT Humphrey and Jerrianne KH Scheiderich

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All Western Evergreen Nursery & Christmas Tree Farm

To provide jobs for youth, produce high quality trees,
preserve the environment and protect the farm way of life

6840 Liberty Pole Rd (County Road 38), Springwater, NY 14560

Located at 6840 Liberty Pole Road (County Road 38) one mile West of Route 15 which runs North and South between Webster's Crossing and Springwater, NY

9 a.m. to dark on Saturdays,
11 a.m. to dark on Sundays
between Thanksgiving & Christmas.
Weekdays by appointment (or Chance).
During the rest of the year, please phone first.

Choose & Harvest
Concolor fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir & Sub-Alpine Fir

Fresh Cut Trees
Douglas fir, Canaan fir, Grand Fir, Concolor fir & Fraser fir

ree wrapping, shaking, and drilling. Tree stands for sale.
We offer wreaths and other decorations from natural greens.
Evergreen boughs are available for our customers.
Saws & Sleds provided.
Coloring books for the children free for the asking. 

All Western Evergreen Nursery & Christmas Tree Farm


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The Environmental Benefits of Christmas Trees

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